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Prep Day: Week of Salads

I seem to go through cycles of foods.  For example, one week I only want Mexican and another only Italian.  This week is seems to be salads.  My favorite kinds of salads are the complicated kind that you get in a restaurant.  However, if you are only making this salad for 1 person it is time consuming and can be wasteful.  This is my way around that.  I prep lots of ingredients and that can be easily combined in a variety of ways.

prep day - salad

Clockwise form the top: Shredded chicken, yellow pepper, green pepper, red pepper, celery, carrots and in the center 4 hard boiled eggs.

From these ingredients I plan to or have made the following dishes.

  • Omelet
  • Chicken Curry Salad (pictured below with a slight variation)
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap
  • Entrée Salads with a variety of the ingredients
  • Asian inspired Entrée salad
  • Chicken Salad (like this)
  • Tossed Salad (maybe like this but with chicken)

Nice variety right?  Only 2 hours worth of prep time (FYI – the Shredded chicken takes 2 hours in the crock pot). 

chicken curry salad



What I am currently reading: Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan

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Books & Me: Genres

So books are in the title of my blog and at the end of each I tell you what I am currently reading but I realized that I have never written about my book preferences or philosophy if you will.  In thinking about this post I realized that I don’t really talk about books with people.  To me reading is personal and I am always worried that people will judge me based on what I read.  I have recently decided that this is a personal issue that I need to work on so here goes.


My favorite genre of books is romance novels.  When most people here this they are surprised (you would have to know me to understand).  I don’t read them for the sex scenes I read them for the stories.  This genre, especially the contemporary subset, usually have strong female characters.  Granted there are usually unique circumstances that they have to overcome but it is always a good story.  Also, 90% have happy endings.  That is my one rule in all entertainment (movies & books).  There has to be a happy ending.  Thus, you will never find a Nicholas Sparks anything on my shelves.


I also enjoy books from the young adult genre.  Not all of them (Twilight is stupid) but some.  The writers of these books have a great creativity that I love.  I theorize that because young adult’s minds are more open to the fantastic the authors are able to stretch their worlds farther.

not alone


What I am currently reading: Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan

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Running Away to the Beach

Sometimes I just want to run away.  Not from any person or situation (usually) but just to do something different.  Don’t get me wrong, I like routines and schedules.  In fact part of me needs them.  But at the same time sometimes I need to have no plans somewhere I don’t live.  At home I always have a list of things I should do or have put off.


Last week at work a lot of little things went wrong.  Nothing huge but all of the little things added up.  I don’t like failing or even feeling like I failed (which is usually the case).  I tend to be harder on myself than other people are.  Anyway, by Thursday I needed a break and was ready for the week to be over.  I decided to runaway to the beach (does it count as running away if you tell your mom?).  I love the sound of water, it makes everything better.

beach fixes everything

Over the past few weeks the town of Sarasota kept coming to my attention.  When this happens I usually take it as a sign that I should explore; so I did (I will tell you about it tomorrow).  I was debating how long to stay at the beach so looked up one of my job perks.  I was able to find a hotel room for a reasonable price so decided to leave after work on Friday.  This way I would have all day Saturday at the beach (and I got to stay the night at a hotel).  I usually sleep great at hotels.  There is just something about the beds, pillows and duvets that make me feel like I am wrapped in a cloud.

find ourselves

I did some Googling to find a picture about running away and also found the quote above and I think it is perfect for me.  Most of the quotes I found are along the lines of you can’t run away form your problems (I agree but there are sometimes you just need a break).  For me I think 99% of my urges to runaway have to do with finding myself.  While I am content with my career and love my friends and family I sometimes feel that I don’t quite belong.  So, until that feeling fades I will continue to temporarily run away (planned or unplanned).


What I am currently reading: The Mistress by Susan Wiggs

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Reset Button

The last few weeks have been very busy for me and I am starting to feel run down and crabby.  I like to think that I am a generally happy person and I know I am very blessed so feeling down annoys me.  Another part of me feels that I am entitled to my feelings (which I am) no matter what.  Personally feeling this way always annoys me which then makes me more crabby and it is a vicious cycle.

crabby beachAs the weeks went on and I felt more and more behind at work I felt myself getting more and more stressed and caring less.  Then I started thinking that it would be great if my body had a reset button.  As I was feeling this way I thought to myself “You know how to get a fresh start.  Use the weekend, get things in perspective and start next week fresh.” So that is what I am going to do.  This weekend (well, technically only Saturday) I am not sticking to a schedule.  I am sleeping in, only doing house work, lounging around (maybe visiting the pool) and staying in comfy clothes all day.  I am also thinking about fasting since I have not been eating well the last few weeks and have been feeling kind of sickly. It is more work than a reset button but it will be worth it.



What I am currently reading:  I just finished Wilder by Christina Dodd (literally 5 minutes before starting this post) and have yet to pick a new book.

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Healthy Lifestyle Goal

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to break a good habit and how hard it is to break a bad habit?

Last October I decided that I needed to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.  I have made significant progress on my food choices (most of the time).  I don’t usually crave sugar or desserts (unless it involves the combination of mint & chocolate), for me the foods that are hard to resist are chips and bread.  The aspect my healthier lifestyle that I am having a problem with is exercise.  I would rather curl up on my couch (or bed) and read a book or watch a movie.  I don’t get the endorphin high that people talk about from working out.  I just get bored, sweaty and sore. This week work has been so crazy and my schedule has been different everyday and unfortunately I let this be my excuse for not doing anything to promote my healthier lifestyle.

This October my goal is to do some kind of physical activity at least 3 times a week.  In August I was doing pretty well at going to my apartment gym and working out for at least 30 minuets.  Granted my version of working out is not as intense as most people’s definition but at least I am moving.  I have found a few interval workouts on the treadmill and elliptical that I like (or at least tolerate).  If I could find an affordable yoga studio I would do that but they are all so expensive.


Last November when I visited Michigan my Frusin (friend+cousin=frusin) told me about a cool device called a Fitbit.  She had started a running regimen with the goal of running a 5k (she meet her goal and is continuing to beat her time) and learned about this device from her running friends.  We both have the Fitbit One which tracks your steps, distance, floors, calories, active minutes and sleep.  The device links wirelessly with the account you create and you can compete and encourage your friends and family who have a Fitbit.  So far she has taken more steps than me every week but one week I will win!!

Okay, enough rambling for the night.  I am pretty sure I am brain-dead from work this week.  The good news is that I have some things to look forward to next week.  On Saturday I am going to Universal with one of my good friends.  We both get to act like little kids when we go to theme parks together.  Then on Tuesday Vicki arrives and our week of Disney begins!!


What I am currently reading:  Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd


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