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What comes first: ingredients or recipe?

When you are thinking about meals what do you consider first?  Do you take ingredients and create a recipe or do you buy ingredients that fill a recipe?

For me it is usually recipe first and then I collect the ingredients.  I tend to be a planner and like to only go shopping once every two weeks.  Also, I hate trying to think of things to make.  In order to play to my strengths I usually browse Pinterest and collect recipes for the week.  Since I only cook for myself 3 recipes last all week (leftovers, yummy!).

This week was different.  I wasn’t really interested in any recipes so I filled my shopping list with just general things.  Then while walking the aisles I found some very pretty pork chops.

pork chops

I am very picky on how my pork chops look and more often then not I pass them by.  While I didn’t have a specific recipe in mind I decided to get them and then check Pinterest (again, obsessed).  I found this recipe for Glazed Pork Chops which I am hoping will be amazing.

glazed chops

By the time I was done cooking I wasn’t hungry anymore so I decided to make mashed potatoes and steam some broccoli to create either lunches or dinners for the week.

pork meal


What I am currently reading:  Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood

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I Saved the Stew!

I love soups and stews!  Both eating and making them. 

In the eating side there is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup.  For me it is very soothing and comforting; kind of like a warm hug in food form.

Olaf - Hugs

There are also endless possibilities and combinations for soups.  Creamy, clear, think, thin, chunky, smooth, spicy, hearty (can I stop? do you get the picture?).

I love taking soup to work for lunch.  It is easy to transport and heat and it has most of the food groups so it is a balance meal!

With the idea of lunch for the next few weeks I perused (did I spell that right?) my Pintrest boards (addicted remember?) and found this recipe for Amish Beef Stew.  I liked the simplicity of this recipe and the fact that it was made in the crock pot.  The one question I had was about the amount of liquid.  The recipe only calls for 1 cup of tomato juice.  For 3 cups of meat, and about 8 cups of veggies that just didn’t seem like enough and I was right (also, my crock pot couldn’t hold all of the ingredients).  My mom taught me to follow a recipe all the way through at least once and then you can make changes.  Well, sorry mom but this time I couldn’t do that.  I followed the directions as much as possible but at the time the cooking should have been done the potatoes were not cooked and there was almost no liquid.

beef stew

So, I moved everything to my stew pot and added a can of beef broth and some more tomato juice and cooked it longer.  Now, I haven’t tried the stew yet but it smell wonderful!


What I am currently reading: The Prize by Julie Garwood

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