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Books & Me: Genres

on January 11, 2014

So books are in the title of my blog and at the end of each I tell you what I am currently reading but I realized that I have never written about my book preferences or philosophy if you will.  In thinking about this post I realized that I don’t really talk about books with people.  To me reading is personal and I am always worried that people will judge me based on what I read.  I have recently decided that this is a personal issue that I need to work on so here goes.


My favorite genre of books is romance novels.  When most people here this they are surprised (you would have to know me to understand).  I don’t read them for the sex scenes I read them for the stories.  This genre, especially the contemporary subset, usually have strong female characters.  Granted there are usually unique circumstances that they have to overcome but it is always a good story.  Also, 90% have happy endings.  That is my one rule in all entertainment (movies & books).  There has to be a happy ending.  Thus, you will never find a Nicholas Sparks anything on my shelves.


I also enjoy books from the young adult genre.  Not all of them (Twilight is stupid) but some.  The writers of these books have a great creativity that I love.  I theorize that because young adult’s minds are more open to the fantastic the authors are able to stretch their worlds farther.

not alone


What I am currently reading: Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan


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