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Keys Vacation pt 3

on December 29, 2013

The southern most key is Key West so obviously that was my last stop on vacation.  Well, technically it was the middle stop but, it was the last new stop.  Realistically the trip was Orlando – Key Biscayne – Key Largo – Key West – Key Largo – Fort Lauderdale – Orlando.

DT KW Sign

Anyway, back to the point (I’m good at tangents, aren’t I?).  The first time I stayed in Key West I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast on Duval.  While I liked where I stayed last time this time I decided to try the DoubleTree Key West (can you tell I like Hilton brands?) which is on the northeast side of the island. 

DT KW Dolphins

Now, I have to admit I did not do my research on this hotel.  Normally I read the whole website before I visit somewhere.  If I would have done my research I would have know that they provide a complimentary shuttle to their guests from the resort to downtown.  This was a wonderful surprise!  If you have ever been to Key West you know that parking is difficult to say the least.

Banyon Tree.JPG             Southern most point

When I arrived to check-in my room wasn’t quite ready so they pre-checked me in and I took the shuttle downtown.  I love walking around Key West.  There is so much to see!  Now, I am not a partier so for me the clubs and bars are not the draw, though there are lots of them as well as some amazing restaurants.  For me it is all of the old houses (I love the Victorian and Queen Anne style), historical sites and natural landscapes like the banyan tree above.

KW Rooster          Tutle

In addition to all of the history, houses, bars and restaurants in Key West there are also lots of surprises.  During my walk I ran into both of the cute critters above.  The rooster is just one of many in Key West.  They all roam free and are protected.  According to a website on Key West History the current generations are a cross between domestic chickens and Cuban chickens that were breed for fighting (barbaric, right?  Good thing it isn’t common anymore).  The turtle (or turtle cousin, not sure on the exact species) is part of the aquarium and was just out for a stroll.  One of my other discoveries was the giant statue below.  Now I am sure this was there last time I was in Key West but since my visit to Sarasota I have started to take notice of these giant pieces of art.  My favorite art medium is glass but the details on these statues are beautiful.

KW Statue           Statue Plaque




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One response to “Keys Vacation pt 3

  1. Mom says:

    Your pictures are getting better all the time. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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