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Sarasota Day Trip

on November 4, 2013

I am going to start off by saying this will not be my only post about Sarasota.  Spending less than 24 hours in the area is nowhere near enough time to discover everything.  So this is just what I got to do.  Also, I did a bad job of taking pictures and noting the names of locations.  Don’t worry I will be going back and will do a much better job.

breakwall with filter

My original reason for visiting Sarasota was to go to the beach.  Over the last few weeks I have heard how beautiful and relaxing Sarasota is from about 3 different people.  Unfortunately the day was fairly overcast and there was a rain and wind storm in the morning and at sunset.  It’s ok, even with the weather my uncle and I had a good day.

Perspective monkey

I met my uncle at his house around 10 am and we headed out on a tour of Sarasota.  The first stop was the Farmers Market in downtown Sarasota.  It is held every Saturday morning until 1 pm.  We got there just as the downpour occurred so at first we explored the parts of downtown with awnings over the sidewalk.  Once the rain stopped we walked around the market.  There was some beautiful produce there.  After we went down by Marina Jack to see the statue of the Sailor and the Nurse.  I hope you can tell from the picture the sheer size of this statue.  It is huge!!  I was also very impressed with the detail on the statue.  You are able to walk right up to it and all around. 

Kayak monkey

Since the weather was clearing up and the temperature was warming up we decided to visit a few of the beaches and then go kayaking.  Did you know that the Sarasota area has like 5 different beaches?  Each one has a slightly different feel.  More on the beaches in a minute. First, the kayaking!  I love kayaking but have not done it much here in Florida.  Since my uncle has 2 kayaks we loaded them up in the morning and went kayaking in the mangroves.  Next time I visit I promise to bring my waterproof camera that has its own life jacket.  The tunnels are beautiful.  It is like you are exploring another world.  If I lived there I think I would kayak every day. 

mini doughnuts

When I was planning this trip I asked my friend, Juli, who used to live near there which beach to visit (I mentioned that there are like 5 different ones right?).  She recommended Siesta Key Beach.  It is located just south of Sarasota in Siesta Key Village which is a cute little beach town with tons of live music (that is my uncle’s favorite part).  After kayaking we headed to Siesta Key to see the beach.  It turns out that my uncle used to live in that area so he knew right were to go.  It was still overcast so we didn’t stay at the beach but it was nice to hear the water.  I noticed that all of the beaches there are very wide.  I would say about 200 yards or more between the water line and the dunes.  We also learned that the sand in this area is so fine because it is made of quartz (don’t you love historical markers?  They have so much information.). We ended up having dinner in Siesta Key and got some mini doughnuts for dessert before the sunset.  Of course, like my beach day the sunset got rained out but that’s ok.  Now I have to go back and visit.


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  1. […] statue below.  Now I am sure this was there last time I was in Key West but since my visit to Sarasota I have started to take notice of these giant pieces of art.  My favorite art medium is glass […]

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