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Food and Wine at Epcot

on October 8, 2013

Disney isn’t just for kids!!!  Every year Epcot hosts a few different festivals geared to adults.  My 2 favorites are the Flower & Garden Festival in the spring and the Food & Wine Festival in the fall.  Can you guess which one I went to this weekend?

imageAs the name indicates Food & Wine centers around food (imagine that).  Epcot sets up temporary stands around the World Showcase. In addition to the 11 countries that make up the showcase they add 19 other stands for a total of 30 unique food experiences.  Now, not all of the stands are associated with a country (Cheese, Beer, Hawaii etc) and new ones are added every year.  Each booth has 3 or more food options and several drink options both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.  Portion wise everything is single serving and usually about 4 bites.  It is meant to be a tasting experience.  Considering the portion size the items are fairly expensive ($4-$7).

imageOur first stop this year was Argentina.  To me this is a good booth because they serve a good size beef empanada (I ate it before I remembered to take a picture).  Between our group of 7 we got something at every stop.  With 30 booths that is way to many to tell you about them all so I will just hit my favorites.  In Mexico we had tequila, though we went inside to La Cava del Tequila instead of the booth.  From China we all got Happy Lychee with vodka.  It is probably my favorite drink in this festival, light, refreshing and unique.  When we got to South Korea I noticed that the menu had a lettuce wrap with roast pork & kimchi slaw.  One of my high school friends is Korean and has told me about kimchi.  When I heard how it was made I thought “no way. Never trying that.” But I heard good reviews about this wrap from many people.  They were right!  It was very, very good.

imageMy last 2 favorite stops are more personal to me.  The 1st is Germany.  Both sides of my family are from Germany though several generations removed.  We don’t eat many (or any) traditional German dishes but I found the Schinkennudeln to be very good.  Flavor wise it is fairly mild but the combination of ham and cheese with the pasta is wonderful.  My last stop to tell you about is Canada.  Every year they have a long line at this booth and everyone is waiting for 1 thing: Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup.  It is the most I have ever paid for 4 oz of soup but it is well worth it.  Tangy, smooth, creamy and of course cheesy.   There are a few booths that I would love to go back and visit but it will have to wait for another day.

It's Epcot so there has to be a picture of the ball, right?

It’s Epcot so there has to be a picture of the ball, right?


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