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A Day at Universal

on September 30, 2013

After an insane week at work I got to have a fun day on Saturday.

imageOne of the perks of living in Orlando is that if you use your connections you can probably get into the theme parks for free.  Now, I love Disney so  choose to pay for an annual pass every year so that I don’t have to impose on friends.  One year I bought a Universal pass as well but didn’t find myself using it so didn’t buy it again.  Since I have not been to Universal in a few years I jumped at the chance to go for a day when one of my friends said she had tickets.

imageNow my friend knows that I like Harry Potter so she was excited to show me the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section.  I had previously visited but it had been a few years and it was back when the attraction had just opened so the lines and crowds were ridiculous.  One of the employees told us that on the day it opened there was a 9 hour wait to get into Hogsmeade and a 15 hour wait for the Forbidden Journey.  This times the lines were much more reasonable (30 minutes) though we didn’t ride Forbidden Journey since we both get motion sick on that ride.



imageWith all of the themed snacks you can experience in Hogsmeade my favorite is Butterbeer.  It is offered cold (like a fountain drink) and frozen.  My personal preference is frozen.  It is so popular that there is a dedicated stand in the center of the village and it is sold in the Three Broomsticks.  Just a tip, the line in the Three Broomsticks moves faster and if you take your purchase to the back patio you can take a picture with Hogwarts in the background.

imageAfter we were done in Hogsmeade we went on Poseidon’s Fury, explored Seuss Landing and had lunch at Mythos.  According to their advertising Mythos has been “voted the #1 theme park restaurant for 6 years.”  Now, I am not sure who did the voting or what restaurants were in the running but I disagree.  Now, granted I am comparing to Disney restaurants but I found the service okay but not exceptional.  It was the same with the food.  I ordered a burger and it was good but not exceptional, though it was reasonably priced.  My friend was on a mushroom kick so she got a mushroom cassoulet to start and the mushroom meatloaf for her entrée.  Her report was that the cassoulet was very salty and the meatloaf us rubbery.  We did both enjoy the atmosphere and decorations though.  I especially liked the light fixtures.  Overall we liked the restaurant just did not see how it was the #1 theme park restaurant.

imageAfter lunch we changed parks and went on the Minion ride and on Shrek.  Both of these rides take place in theaters with motion seats and both are 3D experiences.  While we were waiting Shrek experienced some “pixie tampering.”  Now both of us had the same thought and said that they should have invited the students of Hogwarts over to practice their Defense Against the Dark Arts (peskipiksi pesternomi, anyone?).   A few years ago my friend worked on this ride so she kept pointing out all of the differences.  After the Shrek ride we decided to call it a day and go back to her house so I could catch up on Haven (one of my favorite shows on Syfy).  We had both had a busy week and another one planned so didn’t feel bad cutting the day short.  Oh, I should mention that during our theme park adventure we walked 4.7 miles and took about 10,000 steps.  Not a strenuous workout but a pretty good stroll.


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2 responses to “A Day at Universal

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    When they expand it and reopen, the lines will go on for hours as well…

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