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Kobe Copy Cat

on September 18, 2013

Have you ever been to Kobe Japanese Steak House?  It is a Hibachi/Teppanyaki style restaurant.  One of the things that I love is that you get to watch the chef prepare the food right in front of you.  It is kind of like dinner & a show.

kobe1With your entree they include clear soup, a salad with ginger dressing, fried rice, butter noodles and sauteed veggies.   I love all of these extras.  I always try to wait until the meat is done before I eat them all but it never works.  Anyway the point of this plug for Kobe is that because of them I have discovered that I like zucchini.  Now to me this was a revelation.  When I was little my mom had a beautiful garden and had all kinds of veggies.  The only dish I remember her making with zucchini never appealed to me.  It had zucchini (of course), onions and tomatoes.  At least that is what I remember.  Anyway, as I have mentioned before I am not a big fan of onions or tomatoes so I never liked this dish.  The first time I tried the sauteed veggies (zucchini, carrots & onions) at Kobe I was surprised to find that I liked them (not the onions but the rest).  So this weekend when I was grocery shopping I saw a nice package of 3 small zucchini and decided to buy it and try cooking it.

imageI decided to try and recreate the sauteed veggies from Kobe and then add some chicken and noodles to fill out the meal.  Now when I have gone to Kobe I have not paid close attention to the cooking steps so I texted my mom to make sure my idea would work.  I was delighted to find out that not only would my idea work but that my grandma used to eat zucchini this way.  Having never met my grandma (she died before I was born) it was comforting to hear that we share something (other than my middle name).  So here is my copy cat and modified version of Kobe’s sauteed veggies.  These proportions would probably feed 2 but I was hungry (another starvin’ marvin day) so I ate it all.



1  small zucchini, halved and sliced

10 baby carrots, sliced

1 clove minced garlic

3 tablespoons butter

2 servings of noodles

1/2 cup shredded chicken



1.  Start your pasta water to get it boiling.  Once it is boiling add the pasta and cook to preferred tenderness.

2.   Melt the butter in a fry pan or wok







3.  Once the butter is melted and sizzling add the carrots, zucchini and garlic.  Saute till zucchini and carrots are tender






4.  Add shredded chicken for about the last 5 minutes just to warm through.






5.  Mix the noodles and veggie mixture together.  Serve.

Kobe serves it with your choice of a ginger sauce or their “yum yum” sauce.  I like the ginger best but didn’t have any at home so I just ate it plain.


What I am currently reading:  Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd  ( I seem to have a werewolf/shape-shifter theme going on)


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