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Starvin’ Marvin

on September 17, 2013

Every so often I have days when I seem to be constantly hungry.  Today was one of those days.  I have noticed these days happening more often now that I am eating better so I have started to plan for it.  I try to make sure to keep a bag of popcorn in my lunch box as a last resort.  I figure that the popcorn is a healthier choice than anything I can get from the vending machines at work.  I also try to pack things in my lunch box that I can eat throughout the day.

I am horrible at eating breakfast.  I never seem to be hungry the first few hours I am awake.  It is easier on the weekends because I just make breakfast whenever I am hungry.  During the week it is harder.  I have to try and think of things that I can take with me to work.  One week I made Sausage Cheddar balls and while they are not the healthiest thing it was easy and I ate breakfast.  At one point I was on a yogurt kick and took that for breakfast every morning.  I have also done instant oatmeal.  On Pintrest I found a recipe to make my own packets of instant oatmeal and I think I might try that.

bodyOn the reverse side I also have days when I’m not hungry at all.  I saw the picture above on Facebook one day and loved it.  This is kind of the motto I am going with for my healthier lifestyle.  If I am hungry I eat something good; if I’m not I don’t.

The one thing my body is bad at telling me is to work out.  I hate working out.  I would much rather curl up on my couch and read or surf Pintrest (I have mentioned that I am addicted right?).  I have tried several different styles of working out and while yoga is my favorite I have never gotten that endorphin high people talk about.   I just end up sore and sweaty.  I don’t like to sweat and who enjoys being sore.  Intellectually I know that to be healthy I need to be active so I work at pushing myself.  One of my favorite bloggers posts her daily work outs.  Most of them are way out of my league but she has posted some treadmill interval workouts that I enjoy.  Granted I have modified them to be my level but it is a start.

imageI also got tonight’s dinner from her website.  Like the theme of today, I was starving when I got home.  Because of this I decided to have something quick for dinner.  I used the shredded Chicken Teriyaki I made this weekend and added carrots, celery and dried cranberries to make Curried Chicken Salad.  Since I didn’t have a full red pepper I cut what I had into strips and used them like dippers.  It hit the spot and for about 2 hours I wasn’t hungry.  However, I am starting to be hungry again so I think I will go make a smoothie.

What I am currently reading:  Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis


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