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New Recipe Sunday

on September 15, 2013

On the weekends I like to try new recipes and today I tried three.  Two were a success (Yay Pintrest!) and one was a bust (at least for me). 

Cooking on the weekend instead of during the week is less stressful since there are fewer time constraints.  It also allows me to have leftovers for the week (lunch is done!).  Also, less dishes!!  I kind of hate housework. 

imageThe first recipe I tried was Chicken Enchilada Soup by Real Mom Kitchen.  It is very, very good and made me 6 portions.  I don’t have the exact math but I think it works out to be about $1.50 per portion.  To me it is very close to Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup, which is my favorite.  Now that I have made it once I think there are some modifications I will make next time to make it more my taste.  I am not a huge tomato fan so next time I will use all of the juice from the diced tomatoes but only about half of the actual tomatoes.  I will also use more chicken and increase the spiciness by using either medium or hot enchilada sauce.  Onions are also not my favorite food (though you would never guess that by my next new recipe).  When I made this recipe today I did not use all of the instructed onions and probably wont next time though I will use more than I did.  I will also dice them smaller so I can’t see or taste them as much.  All in all a good recipe that I will be making again.  Also, it is made in a crock-pot so I got to go to the pool for a few hours!


imageThe other successful new recipe today was Crispy Baked Onion Rings by Closet Cooking.  While I hate raw onions, and I am not a fan of sauteed onions I love onion rings, go figure. I was excited when I found this recipe on Pintrest since I hate frying things in oil. No matter how I try the oil just keeps spiting at me (bacon does the same thing which is why I now make bacon in the oven).  The recipe suggests beer, milk or buttermilk for the batter but I decided to use tequila instead.  The baking time was also set at 12-16 minutes so I did 14 minutes.  I think I over baked them.  They ended up being dryer then I would have liked.  Of course that maybe because they are baked instead of fried so the batter is thinner.  I will keep experimenting but this is a wonderful base recipe.

imageThe last new recipe of the day was a flop (at least for me).  I tried to make homemade banana chips from a recipe that I found on Pintrest (can you tell I am obsessed?).  It turned out that there is no link with this pin just a photo with the directions in the caption.

BananaThis may actual be a good recipe and the end result may taste like banana chips (I didn’t finish making them so can’t say).  After the first two hours when you turn the chips I noticed that they had turned an unappealing brown.  Now, I do not like brown bananas.  In fact I actually like my bananas slightly green.  Since I knew I wouldn’t actually eat the chips since they were brown I decided not to finish baking them.  Oh, well.  Not everything can work.


What I am currently reading:  Beyond the Veil by Quinn Loftis


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