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on September 11, 2013

One of the things I miss most about summer and fall in Michigan are bonfires.  We used to have them when we camped, at family get-togethers and when just hanging out with friends.  There is just something about the smell of a bonfire that is peaceful.  For me it is one of those scents that just calm my soul (the sound of the ocean does the same thing).  Also, food cooked over a bonfire has something extra that makes it taste amazing!!


One of my only requests for my trip home last weekend was to have a bonfire and eat a s’more.  Well, my friends are the best!!  On my 1st real day in Michigan we all got together and had a 6 hour bonfire.  We planned everything out and everyone brought an element of dinner and their own adult beverages.  Now, there are certain members of our group that we all know will be late.  One of those people is Will.  Apparently one of the last times they all got together he was several hours late.  This time several people reminded him of the correct time and offered to help make sure he was on time.  His response was “I’m going to be with Erica.  Do you really thing we will be late?”  Do you think we all know each other?  Will and I cancel each other out in terms of being on time, but if you put Will and one of our other friends together they are guaranteed to be late or miss it all together.


Well anyway, this time the desserts arrived before the main menu so I started my night off with a s’more (or 2).  I had been anticipating this s’more for months. and it was wonderful!!  I was slightly over eager so my marshmallow may have caught fire.  Oh, well it just adds crunch.  I also like to make taffy out of marshmallows but because of how sticky and messy this process is I can’t take a picture.


Fire pit with the flash


Without the flash

Once the bread arrived we started making hobo pies.  Now if you have never had a hobo pie the best way that I can explain it is that they are a cross between a grilled cheese and a hot pocket.  We made pizza hobo pies and also had 3 different types of pie filling for dessert pies.  You can make almost any kind of hobo pie.  My personal favorite is the pizza one but I have also had ham and cheese and of course apple. 


This is what happens when the boys play with fire


What I am currently reading:  Just One Drop by Quinn Loftis



2 responses to “Bonfire

  1. Julie says:

    Great post -thanks for sharing!
    I actually just made an outdoor fire pit this summer -you can check it out on my blog here:

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