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Midtown Detroit

on September 10, 2013

This weekend I made a quick trip home to Michigan.  Earlier this summer I was feeling homesick so I planned a quick weekend trip home.  I almost always fly Delta because I am a member of their loyalty club and because their prices are usually some of the lowest.  For this trip since I was flexible on dates but needed it to be a weekend I used their advanced search option to look at just weekend travel.  It is a pretty cool function.  You can search a month at a time and it gives you a grid showing prices based on departure and arrival days.  You can depart Thursday, Friday or Saturday and you return Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. (No Delta is not paying me or offering any incentives I have just had good experiences with them.)

For the first time I took an evening flight after work (not sure I will do so again, Security was horrendous).  My friend Will picked me up and we dropped my bags off at his apartment and then headed to one of his neighborhood bars for a drink.  On the way back to his apartment we were supposed to get milk for breakfast but forgot so we improvised instead.


Will made us omelets with peppers and cheese.  We needed the milk to mix with the eggs but he had sour cream in his fridge so we used a dollop of that instead.  It was really good.  Every time I try to make omelets I end up with scrambled eggs.  I have just come to the conclusion that I can’t make omelets.


View from Will’s bathroom

Friday we spent the day walking around midtown Detroit looking at the architecture and enjoying some of the local restaurants.  I miss northern architecture.  There is so much detail and each house is unique.  I have not found architecture like this in Orlando, but if there is I would be in heaven.

image     image     image

Since we ate a late breakfast we had a snack at a Thai restaurant and shared a pint of Salted Caramel Ice Cream during our ramble.  It was amazing!


Cool wall mural at the Thai Place


Best Salted Caramel Ice Cream ever

At one point during the day one of Will’s friends joined us and he and I ended up having a friendly debate about genres of books.  I have my favorites and he has his and they do not coincide at all.  My favorites are romance, thriller/mystery and just fiction in general; his is non-fiction.  What started the debate is young adult fiction; specifically Harry Potter.  He admitted to liking the movies but couldn’t read the books.  I like both the movies and the books, but like the books better because of all the details.  Now, I like the Harry Potter movies and think that they did a really good job of capturing the basics of the books.  There is no way that they could capture every detail of the books in the movies.  If they did each movie would be a minimum of 4 hours long.  Anyway the point of this tangent is that this conversation helped me pick my current book selections.

What I am currently reading:  While I was home I read The Heart has Reasons by Martine Marchand and Pretending He’s Mine by Lauren Blakely.  I also started the Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis, finishing Prince of Wolves and starting Blood Rites.


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