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Fort Walton Beach

on September 3, 2013

This weekend I took my first visit to the panhandle.  It is beautiful!!  The reason I went was to visit my sister, Adrian, and her husband, CJ, who are living in Fort Walton Beach for just over 3 months.  Adrian is doing her rotations during her last year of optometry school.  This is her 2nd of 3.  Their first was in Oklahoma and they had a great time exploring and seeing buffalo.

When I found out last week that I had Monday off making it a 3 day weekend I immediately decided I needed a beach day.  I was originally thinking that I would go to either Cocoa or Clearwater as they are the closest to me.  Then I got this post card:

image     image

It was like a sign (or a funny postcard, same thing right?) So I texted them and we decided that I would drive over and visit them for the weekend!  They live about 10 minutes from the beach with traffic.  I got a whole beach weekend not just a beach day!!

Now we did more than just visit the beach (though we did that twice!).  I got there Friday night at about 9:40 pm which for me was 10:40 pm (did you know that there is a time difference somewhere in the panhandle?  I didn’t).  Let me just say it is a good thing I got out of work early or I would have been even later.  There wasn’t time to do anything that night so we just chatted, set up my air mattress and got caught up on life.  We had planned that I would bring stuff to make 1 dinner and 1 breakfast for the 3 of us, so, Saturday morning I made my version of Breakfast Burritos.  They are basically just scrambled eggs with green pepper, ham and cheese in a tortilla.


After breakfast we went to the beach!!  Now Adrian and I like to lay on the beach, relax, read and maybe sit on the shore or wade into our knees to cool off.  So we picked our spot and created our beach nest.


Cj on the other hand has to be doing things.  He brought along his wake board and rode the waves.  Towards the end of our visit Adrian decided to give it a try as well.  Fort Walton Beach is one of those beautiful sugar sand beaches that Florida is known for.  Our visit on Saturday was very, very windy.  We had to stay close to the water because the sand was blowing and stinging our skin farther back.  The sand on this beach also is very “sticky” and hard to get off (I am pretty sure that I left a small pile in the tub after my shower).  It also has some wonderful dunes.


 That afternoon we decided to walk around and window shop in all of the stores on Miracle Strip.  As you can imagine with a beach town there were tourist shops, cafes and surf shops (one of the surf shops is Liquid and one is Fluid).  There are also a lot of Antique Shops / Flea Markets in Fort Walton Beach.  After that we went and played Goofy Golf.


Goofy Golf is a cute miniature golf place with 2 18-hole courses.  One of the unique things about this place is that they only charge $3 per adult and they have $0.50 slushes (can’t beat that right?).  It is also family owned and run and has been since it opened in the 70s (yay for local businesses!).   Each course is different though they share the 17th and 18th holes.  Course 1 has longer and more challenging putts though most holes are par 2.  Course 2 has shorter putts, lost of moving parts and more holes are par 3.  We had so much fun on there on Saturday that we went back on Sunday and played the other course.  On Sunday I won a free round but since it was my last night I gave it to Adrian and CJ to use.

For dinner on Saturday we decided to try the Panda Chinese Buffet that Adrian had passed while exploring (we passed 7 different Thai restaurants in the 5 ish miles between their apartment and the restaurant).  The buffet is a good one.  There is a large variety and even a Mongolian option if you don’t want the buffet.  Adrian found a dish of tiny octopi and decided to try it since she likes fried calamari (she decided they are better fried).


On Sunday we went to church and then back to the beach.  This time we used a different access point to the beach and helped pull out a fellow beach goer who got stuck in the sand (good thing CJ has a giant truck).  On Sunday CJ made us his specialty: Smoked Kielbasa with Rice.


Oh my goodness it was good!!  I am going to have to make this myself sometime in the near future and make a whole post of it.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend trip and great to catch up!  We talked about them coming to visit me here in Orlando and even possibly meeting up to go camping somewhere in the middle.

2 days till Michigan!!

What I am currently reading:  Keys to the Coven by Vicky Loebel


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