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Solo Road Trip

on September 2, 2013

This weekend I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Fort Walton Beach and had a wonderful time!  I haven’t seen them in about a year so it was great to see them.  I will share more about my visit latter.

From Orlando it takes about 6 hours to drive to Fort Walton Beach.  While this is not my longest solo road trip (I drove to Asheville, NC which is over 8 hours) it seemed like it was.  Maybe because I did the drive on a Friday, maybe because I was so excited to see them, or maybe because the drive was so monotonous.  The scenery didn’t really change and there except for the beginning and end of the trip there were only 3 roads.  For some reason the drive back did not seem to take as long.  Go figure.

Since it was Labor Day weekend FDOT was nice enough to suspend all road construction and open all of the traffic lanes (a radio station I was listening to mentioned that several states did this).  This made traffic flow so much nicer.  I also noticed an increased amount of State Troopers on the road.  They seemed to be nicely spaced out and kept traffic moving safely.  At about the 2/3 mark a traffic slow down occurred due to a High School marching band getting a police escort.  For 4 school buses there were 3 Sheriff cruisers, 1 fancy cruiser (it was marked but was red), 2 unmarked but with lights and 2 pickup trucks pulling trailers.  Don’t get me wrong it is wonderful that the county supports the marching band that much but really?  Slow down holiday traffic on a Friday by going 10 miles under the speed limit?

Being from Michigan I find some of the scenery and vegetation here in Florida very strange.  Everything stays green at all times and the trees and bushes are different (I don’t know tree terms and don’t feel like looking them up so lets just go with different).  The good news is that during this drive I found evidence of farms in Florida.  Now, there are farms here in the Orlando area but not what I would consider traditional farms.  What I see is more random fields in the middle of roads and shopping areas.  There are never any evidence of the buildings (house, barn, silo etc.) that I expect with farms.  In Michigan the land that makes up a farm is all together not separated by subdivisions or shopping centers.  During the drive to Fort Walton Beach I passed fields of crops, cows, horses and I think even one of goats (they were in the distance and I was on the expressway so mistakes can be overlooked).  Passed the fields I could see the farm buildings that I am used to.

I wish I had pictures of some of these things to show you but as you can tell from the title of this post I made the trip by myself so no such luck.  First, it is hard to take a picture while driving (and there weren’t any traffic jams that brought us to a stop).  Second, it is dangerous to play on our phone while driving so I try to keep it to a minimum.  I can’t say I don’t use my phone at all while driving because it is my GPS and I need it to know where I am going.  Also, talking to people helps me stay awake.

After this trip I have decided that I don’t really like solo road trips.  They are pretty boring and I tend to make bad snack decisions.  Now part of the bad food decisions was my fault (actually it is all my fault it is my body and my decisions but whatever) since I didn’t plan that part of the trip very well.  I think “likes to travel” needs to be a requirement for future boyfriends.


3 days till I am in Michigan!


What I am currently reading:  Over the weekend I read Intimate Enemies by Joan Swan.  Today I started Keys to the Coven by Vicky Loebel


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