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The Melting Pot

on August 27, 2013

Have you ever eaten at the Melting Pot?  You should!  It is amazing.

I had heard about it for a few years but never tried it.  It is fairly pricy which is a deterrent.  Then last year my friends, Allison and Vicki, introduced me to the Melting Pot during Orlando’s Magical Dining Month (every September).  During the month select restaurants around Orlando offer limited menus for $33 per person.  It is a great way to be able to try restaurants you otherwise may not be able to afford.

Anyway back to Melting Pot.  After my first visit my friends and I signed up for their “Fondue Club.”  So every month or so we get an email telling us the specials going on.  Often they have some really good multi course specials that make it affordable.  Tonight was one of those specials.  It was Service Industry Night.  For $26 (base price, the specialty meat courses were more) Allison and I each got 4 courses and spent a relaxing hour or so chatting.

Fiesta Cheddar

Fiesta Cheddar

These preset specials always begin with a cheese course.  One of our favorites is Fiesta Cheddar and we have started asking for extra veggies (what’s better than veggies and melted cheese?).  Recently Melting Pot has added tortilla chips as a dipper so it turns into chips and queso (one of my all time favorite foods).  the second course is a salad followed by the main course of protein.  Each of the Melting Pot’s options have 3 to 4 different proteins, usually a mix of land and sea.  Now, I don’t eat seafood; of any kind.  I have tried it multiple times and just don’t like it, but the good news is that Melting Pot lets you substitute!!  The meat course is served with 6 different sauces, green goddess, Gorgonzola, angry cocktail, teriyaki, creamy curry and a plum sauce that tastes like sweet and sour.

Flaming Turtle

Flaming Turtle

The last course (and the best!) is the Chocolate course!!!  This time we got the Flaming Turtle.  So far every time Allison and I have gone we have gotten a different chocolate (there are like 10 different ones).  Last time we got cookies and cream, thee first time it was Ying Yang and we have also tried S’mores.  I don’t have a favorite yet but then again it is chocolate.


What I am currently reading: Slow Burn by E.B. Walters


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