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Big Wide World or “Its a Small World After All”

on August 25, 2013

Tonight I got to chat with one of my British friends.  Since she moved back to England in April we haven’t really gotten to talk much ( I suppose if you want to be technical we didn’t talk tonight either since we used WhatsApp to text).  During our conversation I realized how much technology has allowed out world to “shrink” or at least become more accessible.  At the same time there is still so much of it that I have yet to see and want to visit.


During the conversation I stated to think about how many international friends and acquaintances I have.  If we modified the “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game I bet I could find a connection to almost every continent. Personally (1st degree) I have friends in England, Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Australia and India not to mention all of my friends and family here in the US and Canada.  If I start to factor in all of their connections and the degree of connection expands so does the map (so is the world getting smaller or bigger?).

small world

Then I started thinking that the internet and Social Media are also bringing the world to all of us.  One of my favorite accounts on Twitter is Everyday they post pictures from around the world.  So I, a girl in Orlando, FL, gets to see pictures daily from Greece, Africa, Italy, the Caribbean and many other place (does this make the world smaller or bigger?).  Facebook also allows me to keep up with my friends.  Like me a lot of my friends are addicted to travel so through their posts I have been able to “experience” their travels as well.  So far this year several of my friends have taken tours of Europe, moved back to their country, and visited more countries that I know about.

big wide world

Finally I considered less technological resources like libraries, museums and theme parks (I live in the world of Mickey Mouse, remember?).  In museums you can find art work from around the world all displayed in one place.  In one day you can soak up culture from other countries and different time periods without leaving the building.  Libraries also allow exploration.  Within the pages of books you can explore other times and places, the past, present and future, both real and imagined.  There is no limit.  At theme parks like Epcot there are pavilions that spotlight other cultures. Their food, drink, traditional clothing, natural wonders, traditions and people.  Did you know that the people who work in Epcot’s pavilions tend to be from that country?

So, do all of these things emphasize what a Big Wide World we live in or, is it just “A Small World After All”?


What I am currently reading: So far this weekend I have read Bridegroom Wore Plaid by Grace Burrowes, The Ghost Pirate’s Treasure by Barbara Ivie Green, Pink Slips and Glass Slippers by J.P Hansen and will start Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace.  All of these were free Kindle books that I found through Ebook Impresario.


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